Measuring instructions

A dog cannot choose its own harness or collar, so we have to help it. The right size of harness or collar prevents strain and helps your dog to reach its full potential. Our focus here is on unrestricted breathing and freedom of movement. Our measuring guide should help you to find the right size for your dog.



For your dog's neck circumference, measure the circumference from the tip of the sternum over the shoulder blades. Remember that the neck circumference of the harness does not correspond to the neck circumference of the collar, as the harness is further back.

2. Belly Circumference

For the belly circumference, measure the circumference behind the front legs. For large dogs, you can place the measuring tape about a hand's width behind and for small dogs two to three fingers.

3. Belly Bridge

Measure the breast ridge from the tip of the sternum to just behind the front paws, from the neck circumference to the belly circumference.

4. BACK Bridge

The back bridge is measured between the shoulder blades from the neck circumference to the abdominal circumference.



With our collars we do not measure the neck circumference, but the length of the lying collar. This means you measure the lying collar from the buckle to the first/smallest or last/largest hole. For collars that have no holes, such as the Colorful collection, the horizontal collar is measured including the buckle.